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2021 Reunion - Baltimore

The 2021 Reunion is scheduled for 16 September through 18 September in the Baltimore, MD area. Detailed information to follow.

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Upcoming Hollywood Film

The story of Leyte sailors Jesse L Brown and Thomas Hudner, recently featured in the book Devotion, will be featured in an upcoming Hollywood film. This article on has more details

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2021 Report to Leyte Shipmates

As you know by now the pandemic in 2020 had all hatches battened down including all plans for a reunion in Baltimore. That is now awaiting a decision for 2021 based on safety concerns and the ability to have activities. The Board of Directors is on top of this and IF it looks like a go will send out a newsletter later in the year to make the announcement with all the details. Till then keep safe and smooth sailing.
Your President, Charles Hill

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2020 Reunion - Cancelled

Due to the recent health situation, the 2020 reunion is cancelled for now. Rescheduling remains a possibility, but no final decision has been made.

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Passing of Association Founder

CLARKSON B FARNSWORTH Founder and President USS LEYTE CV-32 Association spearheaded two meetings with key members of the planning committee prior to the organizational membership meeting in October 1987. On a Friday morning in Hampton, VA he looked out over a surprising sea of 179 anticipating faces. As Chairman he saw that the Articles of Association originated by Bob Rosenburg were adopted, new officers elected with him as President, committee reports accepted, and the next meeting in 1988 set for Charleston, SC. History was made in 1987 and it has grown into a great Association. We can thank those early Committeemen led by Clarkson who put their hearts and souls into forming the Association that continues today. Clarkson served three terms as President and continued to provide guidance these many years.

Clarkson passed away peacefully on October 29, 2019 at the age of 97 some 33 years after forming the LEYTE Association. He was predeceased by his loving wife, Edith, that attended many of the early reunions. He retired as a Chief Petty Officer after 39 years of active and reserve time in Scotia, NY. He volunteered his time in many community activities including his skill as a welder to aid in restoration work on the USS SLATER DE-766 in Albany, NY.

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