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U.S.S. Leyte CV-32       25'000th Landing
Walter Tabor PH3, of Seattle, Wash., took the picture and Dale Sullivan
JOSN of Avon, SD saved it all these years.
Was searching  web on Sun and found where some LtJg shot
down a Russian MIG-15 just 4 days after the picture was taken.  Its only
about 75 miles from Sasebo so they must have headed right for action.

 Here is a short story of how the picture came about.

Ensign  E.J. Cronin of Binghampton, New York making  the 25,00th landing
aboard the USS Leyte (CV-32) while on manuevers on 9 -25 - 1950 off the
coast of Japan before being deployed to Korea for duty where over 4000
sorties were flown over North Korea .

It was known by the command that on this date the 25,000th landing would
take place and each pilot was hoping for this opportunity.  Ensign
Cronin made this landing.

P.S.  Walter Tabor a Naval Photographer and myself were sent aboard the
Leyte for 3 days TDY in an attempt to make a story for hometown news
release.  I suppose that for security reasons it came back to our office
(Not to be released by order of the US Naval Department.

Picture & story
Credits belong to Dale Sullivan

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