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USS Hudner Launch

Pictures are now available in the Leyte Photo Gallery documenting the christening ceremony of DDG-116 USS Thomas Hudner.

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USS Hudner (DDG-116) Launch

The USS Hudner will be launched at 11am on 1 April 2017 at the Bath Ironworks, Bath, Maine. Anyone wanting invitations must contact Bruce Cameron at

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USS Hudner (DDG-116) Launch

The USS Hudner's launch is tentatively set for April 2017. Any USS Leyte veteran that would like an invitation to the ceremony should send their names, address, and phone number to
Bruce Cameron, 9 Captain Douglas Lane, Trenton ME 04605

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2016 Reunion Photos

Dozens of 2016 Reunion photos are now available on the Leyte Photo Gallery thanks to Van and others!

Click here to view!

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Leyte Featured in Historic Aviation Catalog

The USS Leyte Gulf appeared on the cover of Historic Aviation's recent catalog. The feature item of the catalog is a limited edition print depicting a Lt. Tom Hudner's VF-32 F4U corsair launching from the carrier. More information can be found at Historic Aviation's website.

Thanks to Gerald Walker (LM-1211) for the tip!

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