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Recent Taps

Name Deceased Added to Taps Obits
HARRISON, Alfred S2017-09-102017-10-08
MCFEE, Charles A2016-06-032017-09-23
SHEELEY, Eugene L "Gene"2017-09-162017-09-23warp.gif
GEARY, John F, Sr2016-11-042017-08-20
BEHRENS, Gayle ECa. 2015-11-012017-08-20
PILIEGO, ThomasCa. 2016-10-012017-08-20
PARKER, Clarence ACa. 2017-07-012017-08-05
HILL, Robert L2017-01-082017-07-23
PERRY, Bernard "Bernie"2017-01-282017-07-09warp.gif
BRUCK, George2017-06-222017-07-09warp.gif
BRENNAN, Robert F2017-03-062017-07-09warp.gif
SHAW, Philip2014-08-162017-07-09
SCHWARTZ, Jacob R "Jack"2017-06-192017-07-09warp.gif
DAIL, Enos J2017-06-112017-07-09warp.gif
DOWNEY, Eugene J, Jr2016-12-072017-07-09warp.gif
HARRIS, James H2017-04-042017-05-01
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